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28 May 2020 at 2:22:58 pm

Goutam Maiti

Street Photographer




About Me

I am a Kolkata based practicing visual story teller for approximately last 7 years. By profession I am Vice President of one of India’s leading Education Company called Schoolnet India Limited, and I  love to travel new places, strive to understand people and their lives and try to capture slices of the daily lives through my lenses. 

My works include street life and people from various socio-economic backgrounds, focusing on their life in a more intimate form. Photography has given me an opportunity to express how I perceives of the world; through it I try to find myself. My works got published in many national and international platforms like National Geographic Your shot Daily Dozen, Progressive Street, Australia, Street Core Photography, Chiiz Magazine, Dwibarno Magazine. My creations are part of many reputed social media Street Photography Groups Gallery Like: Street Photography Henry Cartier Bresson Inspired Gallery, Street Photography Vivian Maier  Inspired Gallery, Progressive Streets Gallery, BCN Collective Barcelona to name a few. My works got exhibited in different parts of India as well. 

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