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25 May 2020 at 3:09:46 pm

Orna Naor

Street Photographer




About Me

My name is Orna Naor, I'm a street photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. I started taking pictures professionally around the end of 2013, and immediately was drawn to Street photography.

I travel around the world, trying to learn and document other cultures, costumes, ceremonies and way of living; I do the same in my own country. The thing I'm always looking for, are the people, the reactions and interactions, the faces, the stories.

I'm also involved in documentary projects, like the Women of the Sea project, documenting Israeli-Palestinian co-operation, Jewish Streets, Larger than life and others.
I see the street as an endless source of stories. I'm trying to read and tell the stories. I'm trying to show we are all human, and 'regain humanity to humanity’.

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