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2 June 2020 at 4:14:31 pm

Pinki Biswas Sanyal

Street Photographer




About Me

Creativity is my passion since childhood , I used to get fascinated by colours and their various expressions in our daily life .The early curiosity led to an inquiring mind and formal training in painting . Looking back, I find my present passion, photography, is actually an extension of my early love, painting. My camera has equipped me with an insight into human life in its various forms and complexities. As a photographer my work is focussed on recapturing multi-layered and rich slices of street life in India, women, old age, inevitability of diseases and death, human endeavours for survival. What I am doing is also photojournalism, chronicling life with man/woman at its core. I live by photography as I find it to be in perfect harmony with my self-effacing, quite nature.

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